Begoña Ben

Personal técnico I+D+i



  • With Master Degrees in Pharmacy and Food Science and Tecnology, Begoña Ben Gigirey joined the Association of Fish and Seafood Cannery Companies, National Technical Centre for the Preservation of Fishery Products (ANFACO-CECOPESCA, Vigo) in 1995 for her Ph. D studies entitled “Chemical, microbiological and organoleptic modifications during the frozen storage of Thunnus alalunga. Evaluation of biogenic amines formation: identification, characterisation and molecular detection of producing microorganisms”. There she started her link with marine sciences by the analysis of seafood contaminants.
  • She commenced her studies in the marine biotoxins field in 2013 when she joined the Spanish and the European Union Reference Laboratories for Marine Biotoxins (EURLMB). She specialised in the development, implementation and validation of instrumental methods for the analysis of Amnesic, Lipophillic and Paralytic marine biotoxins. Her duties in the EURLMB allowed her to coordinate Working Groups of the EU National Reference Laboratories for Marine Biotoxins, to participate in Spanish and EU Meetings relevant to the marine biotoxins field, to provide training to staff working in laboratories from different countries, to develop and coordinate Proficiency Testing Schemes for marine biotoxins, among others. In the EURMB she also started her research activities in marine biotoxins produced by Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs), with participation in International Congresses and several publications.
  • In January 2020 she joined the Spanish Oceanographic Institute at Vigo. She is now involved in research activities within the HABs group.


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