Isabel Ramilo

Personal técnico



  • Technician in analyses and basic processes (FP2); Degree in Sociology, English and Galician titles from the EOI (Spanish Official language school)
  • She works as technician in the IEO from 1986, first with the Fishery group and in the Phytoplankton group from 1990, where she got a fix position.
  • She has been collaborating with Fisheries topics during 14 years, being part of the campaigns PELACUS, FLEMISH CAP 97, CARIOCA 90.
  • Present Projects: PARAL (study of the life cycle of the dinoflagellate parasite Parvilucifera), CCVIEO (microalgae collection maintenance), ASIMUTH, RADIAL, and DINOSEX (life cycle and sexual reproduction of dinoflagellates).