María García Portela

PTA 2021-020052-I (2023-2026)


Contratos postdoctorales:

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (02/2021-10/2022). University of Copenhagen – Natural History Museum of Denmark (Denmark). Proyecto “Active hunting in a single cell – function and evolution of nematocysts and ocelloids in dinoflagellates” – Villum Fondem 2018 (Søborg). 2M DKK
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (07/2019 – 10/2020). University of Porto – CIIMAR, Matosinhos (Portugal). Proyecto “High added-value industrial opportunities for microalgae in the Atlantic Area” (EAPA_338/2016 EnhanceMicroAlgae) – INTERREG Atlantic Area (FEDER) programm (2016). 2.45M €
  • Contrato predoctoral MINECO (BES-2014-067832). Proyectos: DINOMA (CGL2013-48861-R), MARBioFEED (ERANET Marine Biotechnology, PCIN-2015-252) Título de tesis doctoral: “Comparative ecophysiology of two mixotrophic species of Dinophysisproducers of lipophilic toxins”. Sobresaliente Cum Laude, 02/2019.


  • Reguera B, García-Portela M, Velasco-Senovilla E, Rial P, Escalera L. Díaz P, Rodríguez F (accepted) Dinophysis, a highly specialized protist. Frontiers in Protistology doi: 10.3389/frpro.2023.1328026
  • García-Portela M, Moestrup Ø, Daugbjerg N, Altenburger A, Lundholm N (2023) Studies on the complex Warnowiaceae (Dinophyceae) I. Lohmann’s Pouchetia parva refound and renamed Nematodinium parvum comb. nov.(= Warnowia parva). Phycologia, 62(5), 421-435.
  • Rossignoli AE, Riobó, P, Figueroa RI, Bravo I, Ramilo I, García-Portela M, Rodríguez F (2020) Descripción de una “Marea Roja” excepcional en las Rías Baixas en verano de 2018 (Ed.) Asociación Cultural Foro dos Recursos Mariños e da Acuicultura das Rías Galegas. ISBN: 978-84-09-19360-8.
  • García-Portela M, Reguera B, Gago J, Gac ML, Rodríguez F (2020) Uptake of Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen Sources by Dinophysis acuminata and D. acuta. Microorganisms 8, 187.
  • García-Portela M, Reguera B, d’Alcalà MR, Rodríguez F, Montresor M (2019) Effects of small-scale turbulence on two species of Dinophysis. Harmful algae, 89, 101654.
  • Hernández-Urcera J, Rial P, García-Portela M, Lourés P, Kilcoyne J, Rodríguez F, Fernández-Villamarín A, Reguera B (2018) Notes on the Cultivation of Two Mixotrophic Dinophysis Species and Their Ciliate Prey Mesodinium rubrum. Toxins 10(12), 505.
  • Sibat, M.*, García-Portela, M.*, Hess, P. (2018) First identification of a C9-diol-ester of okadaic acid in Dinophysis acuta from the Galician Rías Baixas (NW Spain). Toxicon 153, 19-22 (* Dual-first authorship).
  • García-Portela M, Riobó P, Reguera B, Garrido JL, Blanco J, Rodríguez F (2018) Comparative ecophysiology of Dinophysis acuminata and D. acuta (Dinophyceae, Dinophysiales): effect of light intensity and quality on growth, cellular toxin content and photosynthesis. Journal of Phycology 54, 899-917.
  • García-Portela M, Reguera B, Sibat M, Altenburger A, Rodríguez F, Hess P (2018) Metabolomic Profiles of Dinophysis acuminata and Dinophysis acuta. Using Non-Targeted High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry: Effect of Nutritional Status and Prey. Marine Drugs 16(5) 143.
  • GarcíaPortela M, Riobó P, Rodríguez F (2017) Morphological and molecular study of the cyanobiont‐bearing dinoflagellate Sinophysis canaliculata from the Canary Islands (eastern central Atlantic). Journal of Phycology 53(2), 446-450.
  • García-Portela M, Riobó P, Franco JM, Bañuelos RM, Rodríguez F (2016) Genetic and toxinological characterization of North Atlantic strains of the dinoflagellate Ostreopsis and allelopathic interactions with toxic and non-toxic species from the genera Prorocentrum, Coolia and Gambierdiscus. Harmful Algae 60, 57-69.