Pepe Franco




Dr. José M. Franco is a senior research scientist of the Instituto de Investigaciónes Marinas (CSIC) in Vigo with 40 years experience in research activities. He joined the VGO-HAB team in 1990. He is an expert on HPLC and LCMS analysis of toxins algae. Among other goals, he improved a method for the determination of PSP toxins and participated at intercalibration exercises of the European Union BCR for toxins determinations.
He has more than 10 years experience in the application of detection techniques (LC-MS/MS, HPLC-FLD) to assess the presence of marine biotoxins in Spanish waters, and has been involved in a number of projects related to the detection of algal toxins in cultures on harmful algae.
Nowadays, he focuses on the LC- MS methodology’s of lipophylic toxins of harmful algal species of phytoplankton, as DSP toxins, Palytoxins, ciguatoxins, YTXs and cyclic imines.
He has coauthored numerous publications on the subject of marine toxins and supervised several doctoral theses on these topics.

Selected Publications

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