Pilar Riobó


Email: pilarriobo@iim.csic.es


Degree in Biology from the University of Vigo (1997). In 2001 he obtained a Research Personnel Training Grant and began to work with toxic marine dinoflagellates in the Toxic Phytoplankton group of the Spanish Institute of Oceanography in Vigo. In 2008 he defended his thesis entitled “Palitoxins, biological tests and chemical methods for their determination in marine organisms” obtaining the outstanding qualification cum laude. Since 2005 and to date he works as a Senior Technician of R + D + I at the “Research Institute Marinas ”(CSIC-Vigo) in the field of marine toxins, his area of ​​expertise focuses on chemical and biological analysis of marine biotoxins.
He has actively participated in giving theoretical courses and practical training to researchers from Latin America and North Africa in techniques for the analysis of marine toxins. In this sense, since 2006 it has collaborated closely with the UNESCO Center for Harmful Algae Communication “Scientific and Communication Center on Harmful Algae”.
He regularly participates in national and international conferences related to the field of toxic phytoplankton and phycotoxins and publishes in SCI journals.

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