Soledad Garrido Faustino

Researcher hired



Degree in Environmental Sciences (2012) from Pablo de Olavide University and Master’s Degree in Oceanography (2014) with a biochemical profile from the University of Cádiz. Participation in projects CICYTCTM2011-27891 (2014), EPHEMARE, ESMAROS, ESMARME, MMEM (2016-2018) and PLASMED (2020-2021).

Hired by projects PRIMROSE (INTERREG Atlantic Area) and GRC (Xunta de Galicia).


Jiménez-López D., Sierra A., Ortega T., Garrido S., Hernández-Puyuelo N., Sánchez-Leal R. and Forja J. pCO2 variability in the surface waters of the eastern Gulf of Cádiz (SW Iberian Peninsula). Ocean Science, 15, 1225–1245.

-Garrido, S., Linares, M., Campillo, J.A., Albentosa, M. Effect of microplastics on the toxicity of chlorpyrifos to the microalgae Isochrysis galbana, clone t-ISO. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety. Article reference: YEESA8933.

-José R. Rivera-Hernández, Beatriz Fernández, Juan Santos-Echeandia, Soledad Garrido, María Morante, Pablo Santos, Marina Albentosa. Biodynamics of mercury in mussel tissues as a function of exposure pathway: natural vs microplastic routes.

-Piazza, V., Albentosa, M., Bebianno, M.J., Faimali, M., Gambardella, C., Garaventa, F., Garrido, S., González, S., Beiras, R. Are Standard Ecotoxicological Endpoints Sensitive Enough to Assess the Effects of Microplastics on Marine Unicellular Organisms?. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Ref: MPB-D-19-00154.

-Fernández B., Santos-Echeandíaa J., Rivera-Hernández J. R., Garrido S., Albentosa M.. Mercury interactions with algal and plastic microparticles: Comparative role as vectors of metals for the mussel, Mytilus galloprovincialis. Journal of Hazardous Materials 396 (2020) 122739.