Red Tides in REDIBAL

Between June 20 and 22, the IV International Symposium on Marine Sciences (ISMS) will be held in Vigo. (“Half a thousand marine scientists from 14 countries meet in Vigo.” Faro de Vigo, 16-VI -2018). During ISMS 2018, other congresses related to marine research will be held: EOF, ISC, SIQUIMAR and REDIBAL.

In the latter, the Iberian Meeting of Toxic Phytoplankton, several researchers of the IEO of Vigo participate as organizing committee. These congresses are not open to the public and only people registered in the ISMS can access the Mar de Vigo Conference Center.

On the 22nd, at the end of the REDIBAL conference, the documentary “Red Tides” will be screened.