Entradas de] Francisco Rodríguez

Publicaciones 2023

Rial P, Sixto M, Vázquez JA, Reguera B, Figueroa RI, Riobó P, Rodríguez F (2023) Interaction between temperature and salinity stress on the physiology of Dinophysis spp. and Alexandrium minutum: […]

Publicaciones 2022

Le Gac, M., Mary, L., Metegnier, G., Quéré, J., Siano, R., Rodríguez, F., Destombe, C., Sourisseau, M. 2022. Strong population genomic structure of the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum inferred from […]

Publicaciones 2021

von Dassow P., Muñoz Farias P. V., Pinon S., Velasco-Senovilla E., Anguita-Salinas S. 2021. Do Differences in Latitudinal Distributions of Species and Organelle Haplotypes Reflect Thermal Reaction Norms Within the […]

Publicaciones 2020

Hernández-Hernández N., Arístegui J., Montero F. M., Velasco-Senovilla E., Baltar F., Marrero-Díaz Á., Martínez-Marrero A., Rodríguez-Santana Á. 2020. Drivers of Plankton Distribution Across Mesoscale Eddies at Submesoscale Range. Frontiers in […]

Publicaciones 2019

Díaz, P.A., Ruiz-Villarreal, M., Mouriño-Carballido, B., Fernández-Pena, C., Riobó, P., Reguera, B. 2019. Fine scale physical-biological interactions during a shift from relaxation to upwelling with a focus on Dinophysis acuminata […]