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Noctiluca scintillans Red Tide in Bouzas

Today, August 29, we were informed at the Oceanographic Center of Vigo about the observation of a red tide on the beach of O Adro, in Bouzas (Vigo). It looked like, and it was, Noctiluca scintillans, a heterotrophic dinoflagellate that usually forms red tides on our coasts during this season of the year. The pictures were […]

Red Tides in REDIBAL

Between June 20 and 22, the IV International Symposium on Marine Sciences (ISMS) will be held in Vigo. (“Half a thousand marine scientists from 14 countries meet in Vigo.” Faro de Vigo, 16-VI -2018). During ISMS 2018, other congresses related to marine research will be held: EOF, ISC, SIQUIMAR and REDIBAL. In the latter, the […]

Publicaciones 2018

Partensky F., Six C., Ratin M., Garczarek L., Vaulot D., Probert I., Calteau A., Gourvil P., Marie D., Grébert T., Bouchier C., Le Panse C., Gachenot M., Rodríguez F. & Garrido J.L. A novel species of the marine cyanobacterium Acaryochloris with a unique pigment content and lifestyle. Scientific Reports 8:9142. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-018-27542-7 García-Portela, M., Riobó, P., […]

Red tide in Cabo Estai

On Tuesday afternoon we received notice of a large orange spot near the Cíes Islands. The stain, besides extending by surface more than 300 meters in length, also formed a thick layer in the water column of approximately 10 meters of depth. Due to the oceanographic conditions, the spot was moving inside the estuary and […]